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Blocky Cars MOD APK game is developed by Full HP: Shooters & Action Games. The game is set in a blocky world to race against opponents.
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Blocky Cars MOD APK game is developed by Full HP: Shooters & Action Games. The game is set in a blocky world where the player gets to race against different opponents to win trophies and fame across 6 different maps with 6 different cars. The graphics are very well designed, colorful and vibrant which gives the game an edge over other racing games. There are more than 40 unlockable unique cars. The game also contains unique power-ups which can be used to defeat the opponents easily.

Name Blocky Cars MOD APK
Version 8.0
34.78 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated 2022/02/15
Installations 10,000,000+
Developed By Full HP Ltd

This game is very easy to play and control, it has an option of drift system which makes the game more fun engaging. More than 50 levels are present in this game currently but the developers keep on adding new levels on monthly basis. Blocky Cars MOD APK has the potential to become one of the best action games in the future.

Table of Contents

Story of Blocky Cars

Blocky Cars MOD APK is an interesting game. The player gets to choose between 6 different cars with different unique features. After choosing the car, he has to race against other opponents and win the trophy and fame in order to unlock new levels and cars. There are a total of 7 ranks: rookie, amateur, pro, expert, master, legendary and king. The player has to win matches in order to progress through the ranks and unlock new levels and cars.

There are different modes of playing this game like race, time-trial and PvP. There are a total of 50 unique racing tracks in this game which keep increasing with the new updates. You have to unlock these circuits by playing different races using different cars.

As you win matches, you level up and also get coins as rewards which can be used for buying better cars. But in the Modded version, you will get all features free of cost.

Blocky Cars APK + MOD Features

The blocky cars have unique features like nitro boost support, powerful weapons. Some cars also have an option for auto-driving which assists the player during difficult races. This amazing game consists of the following interesting features which you will surely enjoy while playing this game:

    • More than 50 challenging levels
    • More than 40 unlockable unique cars
    • Unique power-ups to defeat opponents easily
    • Drift system for more fun and excitement
    • Vibrant and colorful graphics with smooth controls.

Simple Game controls

Blocky Cars MOD APK has very simple and easy controls which you can master in a very short time. You get an option to change the controls according to your preference. You can use keys or a joystick for controlling the car’s movements. Here are the simple control instructions: Use ‘W’ key for acceleration, ‘Spacebar’ for using power-ups, ‘A’ key for turn left and ‘D’ key for turn right.

Craft your awesome fighting beasts

In this game, you can customize your car to your liking. You have a total of 7 unique skins that you can apply to the car after winning matches and leveling up. There are also various patterns and colors which you can choose from for customizing the cars as per your preference.

Selection of already created war machines

There are 6 different cars in this game to choose from. You have to unlock the later levels by winning matches with these different cars. Each car has its own unique feature and specifications which makes it suitable for specific levels. Some of the features include auto-driving, powerful weapons, nitro boost support, etc. Here are all 6 cool cars which you can choose from:-

      1. King of Speed
      2. Monster Truck
      3. Iron Monster
      4. Dragon Formula
      5. Ghost Beast
      6. War Machine

The Mod APK is available for free on our website just go to the download button and click it, then choose your file and download it by waiting just 5 seconds. The file is very easy to install, just open the app and enjoy playing this game.

Engage in capture the flag matchups

This game also has a very unique feature that you will not find in any other game. There are specific levels in this game where you have to win matches to capture the flag of your opponent teams and bring it back to your base. Each time your team captures the flag, you get extra points which help you level up faster. Capture their flag and protect your flag to win the game.

Start game with an awesome deathmatch

In the Mod APK, you have an option to fight against a random opponent who is also a part of the online multiplayer game. There are specific levels in this game where you have to defeat your opponent by using powerful weapons and power-ups. This is a cool way to increase your level faster and unlock new cars.

Speed up with a Nitro Boost & Powerups

There are specific levels in this game where you have to use your nitro power for boosting your car. This is a very interesting feature of the game which distinguishes it from other games of the same genre. In this type of race, Power-ups play a significant role so always keep an eye on all power-ups and use them wisely.


The number of boosters that you get in this game is 5, which you can use to boost yourself and speed up. You can keep an upgrade on your boosts so that you can get extra advantages while using them.


Spikes are used to slow down your opponents. You have to lay these spikes on the roads of your opponent so that they can reduce their speed. Use them wisely as they are very useful in crucial situations.


The Blocky Cars Mod APK has a unique weapon that you can use for shooting lasers at the cars ahead of yours. This is a very powerful and effective weapon and should be used in crucial moments of the game.

Blocky Cars Shield:

Shields are generally used by players who need protection from opponent weapons. Shielding yourself in a certain area is pretty helpful as you can continue fighting without getting constantly attacked by your opponent.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How do I get new skins for my car?

You can get new skins by winning matches or leveling up.

2: What should I do for winning matches?

For winning matches, you need to use power-ups and weapons very wisely as they decide the result of a match in no time. Also, upgrading your car gives it the ability to speed up and become more powerful over time.

Final Thoughts about Blocky Cars

Blocky Cars is an amazing game for those who love action and shooting games. There are many levels in this game that will definitely satisfy your hunger for playing such games. The most interesting feature of this game is the battle matches with random opponents where you have to win matches by using weapons and power-ups. Download Blocky Cars MOD Apk now for free to get everything!

What's new

- Aiming improvement
- Bugs fixed
- Made overall performance improvement


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